5 advanced add-ons for the Gmail Android app

Email users, friends, and people on the Internet I’m asking you to lend me your ears because, my goodness I have a fantastic stash of fantastic Gmail to give you today.

It’s a complete set of powerful plugins which I’m sure was largely ignored. I’m sure I’d completely forgotten about it until the moment I was going through my mail (how to accomplish it) and I suddenly found myself making a funny cartoon-like expression while my mouth was open as I laughed in delight.

Let me be clear: if you like me and are obsessed with the efficiency I am, then you’re likely to laugh loudly.

Let me start by setting the scene before we begin The plugins we’ll be discussing are part of the authentic Google Workspace Marketplace platform that I’m sure exactly four users have visited within the past six months. It’s the home of a variety of tools you can connect directly to various Workspace applications, and then work with them without opening any other apps or disrupting your workflow.

With Gmail, this means that you can put pieces of productivity tools to your inbox, and use the most important features now and then.

And what’s the best part? Contrary to what you’d expect from a plugin these plugins work as well with Google’s Gmail Android app as they work on the desktop site.

#1 Gmail plugin for Android It’s the quick Trello Plugin

I don’t know about others I don’t know about you, but Trello is an essential element of my productivity setup. I use it to manage ideas, calendars, burritos, ideas as well as all kinds of great things.

By using the Trello to Gmail plugin, I’m able to now send any email that I’m studying direct on any Trello board with just a few tapping on my phone.

All I have to do is look at the Trello icon which is now visible at the bottom of each email that I open within the Gmail Android application and poke at it with my finger, and is it really that easy to really want to check that?

In my mailbox, a small popup appears that is connected to the settings on my Trello. This lets me send every email I’m reading to any board I’d like.

All you need complete is to install it by yourself and then follow the steps to enable it when you first open your Gmail.

In addition, the same is true for all of these other Gmail plugins that we’re about to examine, and all these tools are operated and owned by the organization that is associated with Gmail (so Trello, in other terms, in this instance). They typically will only be able to access emails that you actually use them for and, as you’re able to trust the company that runs the service you don’t have much to be concerned about privacy concerns.

Gmail Plugin #2 for Android: A Simpler Slack Sender

The next time you’re planning to transfer an email through Gmail to Slack instead, avoid the typical copy-and-paste flurry and instead tap on a useful Slack icon in that exact area in your inbox on the right side of each email that you open using the trusted Gmail application for Android.

If you have using the Slack Gmail plugin installed, you’ll be able to see a step-saving panel that allows you to send an email directly to the channel of your choice or DM that is accessible.

Gmail Plugin 3 for Android Smarter Signature Settings

It’s a no-no, an undisputed fact about that. However, since it’s an inevitability of the modern workplace You must make it as pleasurable as you can.

The PandaDoc Gmail plugin does exactly what it says by allowing you to click its icon when you are viewing an email that has an attachment in PDF format It makes it possible to sign the document without having to go through the typical difficulties.

You’ll need to confirm who’s signing in Gmail and then press one button to transfer the document to PandaDoc and ready for you to sign.

The same setup is applicable to using the DocuSign Gmail plugin or the Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) Gmail plugin If you would prefer one of these services.

Google Mail Plugin 4 for Android Your on-demand thesaurus

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using Power Thesaurus, you’re missing out. The site is an excellent resource for finding new words and helping you come up with words you’ve missed.

The regular Power Thesaurus Android app is worth investigating however, it’s the Power Thesaurus Gmail add-on brings all the power into the Gmail inbox. This way, you’ll be able to obtain a definition of or an extensive list of synonyms for any topic you require without having to leave the email you’re writing.

It’s a very good thing to discover those who love (or even dislike) the language.

Gmail Android Addon #5: Your Personal Inbox Tasks Link

This final Gmail add-on is interesting because it actually gives you productivity-boosting power that even Google’s own apps don’t allow.

And it’s also a choose-your-own-adventure type of setup:

By using The Todoist Gmail extension or AnyDo Gmail plugin, you can send complete emails to any list of tasks it takes a click on the appropriate icon that is located at the bottom of each email you receive in the Gmail application for Android. .

The weird thing is This is the most bizarre thing: both Google Keep and Google Tasks are available as native extensions within the Gmail desktop site. However, you aren’t able to access either of them through Google’s Gmail Android app. You’ll be amazed.

But, if you’re comfortable using Todoist or AnyDo to complete your tasks They’re two of fantastic services to rely on! You can also expand that power for the domain of your Android email domain, and reduce the number of steps and minutes.

A good system for one that nearly everyone, even Google itself, appears to have completely forgotten about.

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